17/11/2015 – 13/03/2016


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An exhibition of Marcell Esterházy, Péter Forgács, and Gábor Gerhes

The three artists do not form a collective; MEANING juxtaposes three solo exhibitions in order to explore the connections between the three artistic practices, to get them read together, and to testify their common ways of thinking. From November 17, the exhibition will be on view at the Capa Center.

13/10/2015 – 29/11

The Recipe Book

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Eszter Biró’s exhibition

Eszter Biró’s grandmother was taken to Bergen-Belsen, when she was 16 years old. She only took two items with her: one of them was a notebook in which she recorded a collection of her favorite poems with a pencil. She erased the poems from the notebook at the concentration camp and replaced them with recipes. In the exhibition at the Project Room, besides the original recipe book and the pages processed by Eszter Biró, the cut-up negatives of the photos are also displayed as a symbolic aspect of the unavailable food.

Bratislava, 06/11/2015 – 30/11

Floating Aspect

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Gyula Sopronyi's exhibition at the Bratislava Month of Photography

With the professional cooperation of the Capa Center Gyula Sopronyi's exhibition Floating Aspect opens on November 6 as part of the Bratislava Month of Photography program series. Balogh Rudolf Award-winning photographer Gyula Sopronyi’s series of photographs with its video installation, which he made through the National Cultural Fund of Hungary’s André Kertész Fellowship in Paris, was shown to the Hungarian public at the Capa Center.