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Photographs of hunter-writer Count Zsigmond Széchenyi

Until November 28, 2021

Half a century after his death, Zsigmond Széchenyi still needs no introduction, generations have grown up on his novels elaborating his domestic hunting experiences and his foreign expeditions with literary care. His words full of evocative forcefulness show signs of a deep knowledge and passionate love of nature. A never-ending curiosity manifests itself in his photographs, as well, not only towards the flora and fauna, but also towards the people he met on his travels, although he felt most at home away from civilisation, sitting by a campfire. These are photographs taken by a nature-loving humanist count, a book-collector handyman of noble birth, a hunter-writer-photographer, a complex man.

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André Kertész. His Photographs Donated to Szigetbecse

André Kertész, by his own admission, acquired everything that his art, his vision, and his personality was based on and determined by, here in Szigetbecse and the surrounding landscape, inspiring artworks of nearly eight decades. Now we are showcasing seventy of the images selected by Kertész, based on an agreement with the Municipality of Szigetbecse.

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Vernissage: October 19, 2021, 6pm

Started in 2021 the CAPAZINE – LET’S PLANT photography workshop thrashed out the concept of the garden. Just like every garden is different, be it an indoor garden, a private yard, an urban park, a community garden, an orchard, a kitchen garden, a botanical garden, or an ornamental garden, the approaches the workshop participants have chosen to examine these demarcated green spaces turned out very different, too. The artists of CAPAZINE – LET’S PLANT direct our attention to the diverse modalities of plants and the love of vegetation by studying various aspect of the natural life and functions of plants.

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Capa Grand Prize Hungary 2021

Award Ceremony and Vernissage: October 21, 2021, 6pm

The Robert Capa Photography Grand Prize Hungary was established by the Capa Center in 2014 to recognize the work of artists who have made outstanding achievements in any field of Hungarian photography. Last October, the jury of the Capa Grand Prize Hungary 2020 selected three fellows from among the entries received, three of whom continued to work on their work for a year, made difficult by the Covid-19 epidemic.