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Capa Center is open again!

We are pleased to announce that the Capa Center is open again.

Please note that our exhibitions and joint cultural events are only open to persons protected against the coronavirus and the persons under the age of eighteen under their supervision. A person protected against the coronavirus is someone who proves this protection by presenting a protection certificate. In order to prove their protection, the person concerned may be asked to present an official document proving their identity as indicated on the protection certificate. Although protected persons are exempted from wearing masks, we still recommend the use of hand sanitizer and the wearing of masks throughout the Capa Center and ask that appropriate social distance be maintained.

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For the 21st century, mental health problems have become a global issue. Which are the small steps that can help individuals to maintain their mental health, and what are the possible solutions for smaller or larger communities and society as a whole to recover from the problems caused by crisis, anxiety, and burn-out? Ultimately, the question is: how can we be well? And what role can photography play in all this?

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Pécsi József Photography Grant 2020

The photography grant created for commemorating the photographer, professional writer and photography teacher József Pécsi, was founded by the Ministry of Culture and Education in 1991. Its purpose is to help to start the career, creative work, and development of talented photographers working as independent artists, and to provide them with favorable conditions for the creation of high-quality artworks which are modern both in terms of form and content. The series exhibited this year also attest to that the grant recipients have created quality works by employing the diverse possibilities of photography.

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Dániel Halász: Borderland

It is a borderland between Budapest and something else. This is what Dániel Halász’s photo series entitled Borderland presents: the transition zone. And he does so in a way that the transition itself also becomes an experience. His photographs were taken in Budapest, but far from the must-see sights, the fabulous historical monuments, the troubled and wise Danube, and the swarming passers-by of the Andrássy Avenue. They were shot in largely unknown places and situations, from where it is just a leap to get to somewhere else, on foot and in thought. Halász uses two kinds of creative methods to explore the geographical and virtual peripheries of the Hungarian capital.

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The Photojournalist Robert Capa

Robert Capa is considered the unique visual chronicler of several 20th-century wars (the Spanish Civil War, the Second Sino-Japanese War, the Second World War, the First Arab-Israeli War, and the First Indochina War) both in the world and the Hungarian history of photography. The Hungarian photographer, who covered five wars directly from the battlefield, made his mark in photography in the course of his tragically short life. His photographs taken in the frontlines and in the heartland brought about a visual world establishing a new school, and he showed the power of images constructed from a deep sense of humanism to generations to come, up till today.