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Miklós Surányi: Overview effect

Until October 16, 2021

Miklós Surányi’s photo series constructs a big picture upon the Earth similar to this, making the feeling called overview effect experienced by the astronauts accessible to the greater public. He collects found views and builds poetic compositions out of everyday objects into his inventory: the starry sky appearing at the end of a drinking straw; an inkpad as a gaping black hole; the light of a solar eclipse passing through a keyhole; a piece of tarpaulin in the colors of the surface of the Moon; etc. This simulacrum-collection of his is powerful enough to achieve a cognitive shift in awareness just as the cosmic glance down on the Earth from outer space is; only his images are devoid of the pathos of the latter.

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André Kertész. His Photographs Donated to Szigetbecse

André Kertész, by his own admission, acquired everything that his art, his vision, and his personality was based on and determined by, here in Szigetbecse and the surrounding landscape, inspiring artworks of nearly eight decades. Now we are showcasing seventy of the images selected by Kertész, based on an agreement with the Municipality of Szigetbecse.

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Photographs of hunter-writer Count Zsigmond Széchenyi

Vernissage: Monday, September 27, 2021, 4pm

Half a century after his death, Zsigmond Széchenyi still needs no introduction, generations have grown up on his novels elaborating his domestic hunting experiences and his foreign expeditions with literary care. His words full of evocative forcefulness show signs of a deep knowledge and passionate love of nature. A never-ending curiosity manifests itself in his photographs, as well, not only towards the flora and fauna, but also towards the people he met on his travels, although he felt most at home away from civilisation, sitting by a campfire. These are photographs taken by a nature-loving humanist count, a book-collector handyman of noble birth, a hunter-writer-photographer, a complex man.