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3rd Photo Street Festival – Friday, April 21


12pm / noon: Guided tour: 35th Hungarian Press Photo exhibition – led by Tamás Szlukovényi, president of this year’s jury of the contest (exhibition hall)



8pm: Photo-associations in the language of dance – performance featuring talented dancers of DART Theater, reflecting on the images of the 35th Hungarian Press Photo exhibition (exhibition hall)

8:30pm: Petruska concert (stage)



All day events during the festival (11am – 11pm )

35th Hungarian Press Photo (exhibition hall)

Project Room: Rádóczy Bálint –Dirty Work (exhibition hall)

Amateurs make the front page (exhibition hall)

Writing with Light – Vittorio Storaro’s exhibition (exhibition hall)

@everydaybudapest (container)

Nudes and Erotica on Private Photographs – from the Fortepan Archives (18+) (container)

Budapest PhotoFestival (container)

Division/Isolation – selection from MOME 3rd-yr Photography BA majors (container)

Pics/Glitch – selection from METU Photography majors (container)

Gergely Kiss: Provisional – exhibition by a Kaposvár University Photography major (container)

Pictorial Collective (container)

11am – 8pm:  Book+Shop (container)

11am – 11pm: Photo-projections on an outdoor LED-screen (container area)

11am – 8pm: THESE ARE OUR PICTURES! (container) – Amateurs and professionals exhibit their works in a DIY-fashion in a shipping containers provided by the Capa Center. Exhibitors, who were selected by a random draft, are expected to bring their ready-made prints, install the exhibition, and even present it to the public by giving an opening speech.

11am– 11pm: MEET LAB – interactive installation (container)

11am – 10pm: MELT IN – interactive installation (container area)


All events and programs are free of charge at both the Capa Center and the Mai Manó House. In case of bad weather, the events on the stage are to be held inside the Capa Center.