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3rd Photo Street Festival – Container exhibitions

@everydaybudapest – Budapest through instagram photos

What makes a city your home? What do you observe in the city where you live? What is your focus? Are you inspired by a detail, a building, the tiles, or perhaps the city-dwellers? Are you engaged by the busy monuments or rather by romantic and clandestine places? Do friends or strangers make the place remarkable?

If you close your eyes and say Budapest, what image comes to your mind?

The Capa Center joined the worldwide network of The Everyday Projects that originated in Africa. During the Photo Street Festival, photographers take images of Budapest with their mobile phones and upload them to the Instagram site @everydaybudapest Instagram as well as the Capa Center’s Facebook page. The container exhibition features photographs taken between 2014 and 2016, the first two festivals, while the display shows images taken during the days of the current event.

Instagram feed:

@everybudapest instagram feeders: Andok Tamás (@thbxmn), Ajpek Orsi, Bognár Krisztián (@koolkasko), Bódis Krisztián, Dombovári Judit (@budapeststreetphotography), Csudai Sándor, Hajdú D. András, Hirling Bálint, Hlinka Zsolt, Hernádi Levente, Kovács Krisztina (@budapestianfloors), Kummer János, Kurucz Árpád, Máté Péter, Mudra László, Nemcsik Dávid (@davidnemcsik), Nándorfi Máté, Pályi Zsófia, Stiller Ákos, Szabó Balázs, Temesi Ádám (@adamtemesi)

2014 – 2016: Andok Tamás (@thbxmn), Ajpek Orsi, Bognár Krisztián (@koolkasko), Bódis Krisztián, Dombovári Judit (@budapeststreetphotography), Csudai Sándor, Hajdú D. András, Hirling Bálint, Hlinka Zsolt, Hernádi Levente, Kovács Krisztina (@budapestianfloors), Kummer János, Kurucz Árpád, Máté Péter, Mudra László, Nemcsik Dávid (@davidnemcsik), Nándorfi Máté, Pályi Zsófia, Stiller Ákos, Szabó Balázs, Temesi Ádám (@adamtemesi)

2017: Csizik Balázs, Végh László, Rácmolnár Milán, Csudai Sándor, Nyíri Juli, Kovalovszky Dániel, Koronczi Endre, Hermann Ildi


Nudes and Eroticism on Private Photographs

Selection from the Fortepan Collection

Photographic image production, which had been associated with a certain knowledge of chemistry and physics, and the usage of complicated apparatuses, became a part of ordinary life by the middle of the 20th century. With the proliferation of the easy-to-use automated cameras, the taking of private photographs was increasingly common. The private photographs, as cultural objects, are primarily images taken for personal purposes and not with a public or artistic intention, with a significance mostly related to the family or close friends. Thus, the online photo archive is especially interesting, providing access to private photographs, which are free to use under the Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA-3.0.

One of the recurring themes of these private photos, which can be categorized and typified based on their motifs, is the naked body. In the different cultures and historical periods, not only the idealized body image, but also the depiction of and the opinions about the body take very diverse forms. The photo collection of the website, overarching the 20th century, and containing several tens of thousands of photographs, also contains erotic pictures and nudes, even if only a few of them, and these have been specifically tagged as well. The uncovered body may be a symbol of beauty, attraction, seduction, the discarding of chastity, of being defenseless, but it also may be a tool of erotic trickery, or even of the pornography industry. In the case of private photographs, images of the naked body could have been taken with the intention of presenting the model in the possible most favorable way, or of exposure, the demolishing of taboos, but simply as a humorous gesture as well. (Judit Gellér, curator)

Szegő, György. Privátfotó: szimbólumszótár. [Private Photographs: A Dictionary of Symbols.] Theater Art Fotó, Budapest, 1998.
Nudes and erotic photographs from the Fortepan collection (18+)



A selection from third-year MOME Photography BA students

Every true revelation starts with experimenting with strangeness. But we can never exactly define beforehand how we will navigate the world, as something can always distract or seduce us from the original track, even in those cases when we know what we want to reach and we also know our coordinates. In spite of using the maps and tools that help us to observe the environment, our vision can get blurry, and insecurity is becoming our constant travel companion.

In the fall semester of 2016, together with the BA students of the Photography Department, we started to wander together. Our goal was to ask questions and find answers about the visible phenomena of division, isolation, and segregation. As a starting point, we assumed that segregation, in some cases, can result in consolidating the connections of the groups and communities that are living in division. It was challenging to define more particularly what we were going to analyze, but beside this, it was important to focus on the differences of objective representation and the gestural subjectivity.

We were exploring a new territory of the world, but meanwhile, we also made a big step towards knowing ourselves better.

/ The program was organized by Photography Department of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in the frame of the Excellence Program ‘Holding Cohesion’ /

Exhibitor students: Attila Horváth, Fanni Luzsicza, Zsófia Sivák

Project leader: Ábel Szalontai DLA

Curator: Viola Fátyol



Exhibition of the METU Photography students

The exhibition features photography-based still photographs and motion picture works. Technical development of the past 15 years resulted in radical changes in communication. This has several effects on the society and one of them is our relationship with pictures. Two elements of this altered perception are the topics of the exhibition. Understanding the two words in the title already rises several questions. For example the question ’What is a picture?’ in not only the topic of arts but also of anthropology, brain research and of other science fields too. Photographs are technical pictures, and we know their connection to mistakes, imperfection, incidence or the unexpected. The works of this exhibition interpret the word ‘mistake’ in a fairly broad way, thus it cannot give a reassuring and easy answer.

Curator: Dezső Szabó Munkácsy Mihály Award-winning Visual Artist, associate professor at the Photography BA program

Exhibitors: Mátyás Borsos, Ágoston Déry, András Greskovits, Dóra Lázás, Fédra Matolcsi, Iringó Nagy, Áron Pekár, Levente Szabó, Zsófia Szabó and Szabolcs Vida – Budapest Metropolitan University’s second-year Photography BA students



Exhibition of Gergely KISS
Consultant: Tibor GYENIS
Project Leader: Sándor Áron KÁROLY

Provisional is questioning the basic thesis of European Art trough the viewpoint of photography, an art form that uses the elemental basics of physics. In this case a unconventional method is applied.  Taking account of time is a fundamental question of Art and this is especially valid regarding Photography where Time – as the time of making the image – is definitively visible in the final product.

The approach of the photographer gives an opportunity to the process of creating the Piece, to reveal itself more rapidly. Beginning and end is dynamically concentrated here and tells us a story. This experiment with mediums is imitating the accelerated – more precisely artificially accelerated – world of ours, and it is questioning the eternal life of an artwork and its place in time.

This has primarily no aesthetic, but moral consequences about faith and manipulation.

Another premise is the mimicry of nature, a question that has numberless variations in art history. In his project the artist is analyzing the problematics of the photograph, the print through the natural appearance of the world, which we don’t se or do not want to see. His portraits are imprints, which intends to exclude all other factors.

This images – taken on his fellows – like a death mask are direct references to concept of life and death or the concept of time:  past, present, future but the possible interpretation has been left open for the recipients. In the Provisional series the faces exist like fingerprints. They are related to nature and cannot be replaced with another image. The pictures taken by Kiss adhere to the objectivity of photography in a world where the possibility of objectivity has finally become an illusion. (Gabriella UHL, art historian)


WOOD FX – public VJ station with MEET LAB

What does a VJ do? How do the effects in the video clips operate exactly? What kind of worlds are hidden in the images created live, functioning as a transition between light art and contemporary visual culture? WOOD FX provides the opportunity to build and create images through studying forms and motions and it gives insight into the mechanisms of real-time manipulated moving images.

MeetLab is a multifunctional semi-open creative workshop and space for project incubation. Our members work with glass, concrete, visual technologies, creating self-published photobooks and zines as well. We are organizing workshops, and MeetLab can be visited – just drop us an email beforehand! We have participated in numerous projects with different materials, printing techniques, light-experiments. We worked with MOME, BME, BKF, MKE, DesignTerminal, HELLOWOOD so far.

Friday, Sunday: informal effect experiments on the WOOD FX visual board

Saturday: 11am – 1pm & 2pm – 7pm VJ and performative moving image workshop – creating form and movement studies with simple devices

Collaborators: Szabó Gábor, Honti Eszter, Herczeg Tamás, Jézsó Dóri



Make your own exhibition at Photo Street Festival!

Your fifteen minutes of fame in the form of an hour and a half long exhibition of your photos!  Amateurs and professionals exhibit their works in a DIY-fashion in a shipping container provided by the Capa Center. Exhibitors, who were selected by a random draft, are to bring their ready-made prints, install the exhibition, and even present it to the public by giving an opening speech.


Melt in – interactive installation

 Melt into the world of the Capa Center and get your photo taken at our outdoor photo-booth based on an optical illusion.


Pictorial Collective

Pictorial Collective is a group of Hungarian photojournalists. Its formation was motivated by the intention to create a community of photographers in which the members can work independently from each other yet are inspired and strengthened by the others. Our mission is to make Pictorial an outstanding professional workshop by way of the individual perspectives the members see the world and their similar ways of thinking about photography.

Our members believe that photographers are witnesses and messengers. It is important for us to show everyday situations and various social problems through our individual opinions and our own eyes.

At the moment the collective is comprised of 10 – international and Hungarian – award-winning – photographers. All of them rely on their own feelings and impressions to present the topics of their choice – in the most diverse social and geographical surroundings. –

“Bring your photos along and we’ll help you with the selection”

You can talk about your work with different members of Pictorial Collective every two hours.

If you got stuck selecting your photos or you want to put together a series of images, but you don’t really know how to go about it, come and look for us: we’ll do our best at helping you make progress.

“Caption or comment”

Please feel free to add a caption the photographs or just write your opinion on the paper placed under the photos installed inside the containers.



Budapest Photo Festival

Ádám Urbán : Sad Park, 2014

Budapest Photo Festival is a two-month long photography festival, held for the first time in Hungary in the spring of 2017. The idea behind the creation of this festival is to provide an overview featuring classic values, photography traditions and exciting trends and artists of contemporary art photography. This is a great opportunity for exhibiting all genres of photography with related events, to inform and to foster cooperation among participants. 

With our Citylife container-exhibition, we reflect on the everday urban life with the aim of grasping the spirit and, in essence, the phenomenon of a metropolis.

Exhibiting artists: GÁTI György, HARTYÁNYI Norbert, KISS Emese, MUCSY Szilvia,  RÁCMOLNÁR MIlán, SZOMBAT Éva, URBÁN Ádám