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Exhibitions in the shipping containers

Garage Rock
Exhibition by the B.A. Photography students of Metropolitan University

The concept of this exhibition is set by the contextual and physical state of the exhibition space itself. The space and the message of the shipping container temporarily deployed on the street differ from the art conventionally displayed in white cubes, whereas alternative installation solutions have long ago become widespread in the field of contemporary art. Since the exhibitors now are photography students, the repertoire is somewhat narrower than the whole fine art spectrum, however, the exhibition is presented in the spirit of Trash Art, Street Art, etc., featuring works related to urban existence and its periphery.

Szécsényi Janka: A felszín alatt
Szécsényi Janka: A felszín alatt


Exhibiting students:
Zhang Ge Buzády, Simon Győri, Tibor Nagy, Janka Szécsényi

Dezső Szabó



Exhibition of Viktória Balogh, Photography B.A. student of the Kaposvár University

In this series the photographer investigates the boundaries between artist and viewer. She photographs the front and the back side of safety curtains in theaters. These curtains are designed for fire protection purposes thus they are usually hidden from the viewers during plays. In the container space the pictures are not displayed as pairs but as slowly advancing solo images projected on the wall.

Balogh Viktória: Pécsi Nemzeti színház vasfüggönye, részlet
Balogh Viktória: Pécsi Nemzeti színház vasfüggönye, részlet

Exhibiting student:
Viktória Balogh, Photography B.A. 2nd year

Course leader:
Sándor Áron Károly



A selection of photos by 2nd-year B.A. Photography students from MOME – Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

At the beginning of the spring semester of 2015, it was evident for us that we would focus on the refugee crisis and issues arising from it, as phenomenon practically exploded into our lives. The aim was to create a photography projects with complex meanings, the themes of which would be rooted in the themes of emigration, refugee-life, foreignness, and inclusion. Many of the students traveled to the border of Hungary and abroad to develop their own attitude and to have their own impressions about the occurrences there, while others researched the various methods of crisis management or the traces the crisis left behind. Team members created individual works, however, collective thinking and being in a group strongly influenced all of their projects. One especially significant objective was for them to consciously improve their social sensitivity, empathy, and their ability to think critically about the present; also, they were encouraged to generate such human and creative situations in which they are compelled to excel themselves.


Exhibiting students:
Bánhegyesy Antal
Fromm Balázs
Rédling Hanna
Tarján Gergely
Weinraub Róbert

Course leaders:
Fátyol Viola & Drégely Imre