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Admission fees

Last admission: half an hour before the closing time. OPENING HOURS


ADMISSION FEES | From February 01, 2020

-Adults: 2000 HUF
-Students, Seniors (with valid ID): 1500 HUF
-Family ticket: 4000 HUF (admits 1 adult with at least 2 children under age 18 or 2 adults with at least 1 child under age 18)

Group admission for groups of 15+ people:
-Adults: 1500 HUF
-Students, Seniors: 1000 HUF

-Press ticket: 500 Ft (free with prior registration via
-Professional ticket: 500 Ft (send request via

Combined tickets
-Combined Adult: 3.000 Ft
-Combined Students, Seniors (with valid ID): 2.250 Ft
-Combined Family: 6.000 Ft
-Combined Group admission for Adult groups of 15+ people: 2.250 Ft
-Combined Group Students, Seniors admission for Adult groups of 15+ people (with valid ID): 1.500 Ft

Exhibitions at the Project Room and 8F Gallery are free to visit all year round.

Last admisson at 6.30 p.m.



-Children under age 6
-Visitors over age 70
-Disabled person with a companion (1 person)
-Hearing impaired person with a companion (1 person)
-Members of the Association of Hungarian Photographers (with valid card)
-Members of the Studio of Young Photographers (with valid card)
-Members of the Photojournalist Section of the Association of Hungarian Journalists (with valid card)
-A companion after every 15 people in case of groups



Bank cards (see list at the cashier), K&H SZÉP Card, MKB SZÉP Card, and OTP SZÉP Cards are accepted. No foreign currency is accepted.



Budapest Card is accepted. For Budapest Card holders, one exhibition is free, while additional exhibitions can be visited with the purchase of an entrance ticket at a 50% discount on the same day.

Photographing or filming exhibited artworks is not allowed.

Please note that photography, audio, and video recording may occur during our exhibitions and events; by entering our premises, you consent to the Capa Center using or reproducing these photographs and recordings in its publications (offline and online), for news as well as informational and promotional purposes.

Guided tours are available with the purchase of the full priced ticket (no group discount). (schedule tours via