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Capa Center Scholarship To Participate In An International Tutoring Program

Capa Center Mentorship Program To Participate In An International Tutoring Program organized by ArtFotoMode
ArtFotoMode x Capa Center

The Description of the Mentorship

As part of the professional partnership between the Capa Center and the international education project ArtFotoMode (AFM), the Capa Center launched a mentorship program, as a result of which the Capa Center supports the participation of a Hungarian photographer in AFM’s one-year international tutoring program, which will be launched in 2022. Led by renowned photography professionals Vanessa Winship, George Georgiou, Rafal Milach, Tim Clark (1000 Words), and Michael Grieve, the One-Year Program will allow participants to develop their project ideas over the course of one year through in-person meetings and online tutoring. The aim of the Program is to enable photographers to develop concise and meaningful projects independently and with the guidance of tutors, while examining the challenges of applying creative and theoretical visual strategies in the creation process.

Over the twelve-month period, four in-person workshops will take place, during which the participants work in group and individual sessions, exploring their work from various perspectives, respective to the background of each tutor (practicing photographer, editor, curator). The location of the in-person meetings, the three European cities of Athens, Berlin, and Budapest, will serve as inspiration, while the German capital will also host a final exhibition in early 2023. Between the in-person seminars of the participants, monthly online meetings will be held in consultation with AFM Director and photographer Michael Grieve.

As the professional partner of the Program, the Capa Center will host the seminar with Tim Clark in Budapest, and, as part of the institution’s commitment to developing the potential of Hungarian photography, the Capa Center will also support the participation of one photographer in the one-year international tutoring program by paying the participation fee (EUR 3,600).

Based on a pool of nominations by a committee of Hungarian photography experts – Gabriella Csizek, Lajos Csontó, Judit Gellér, Zsolt Kozma, Emese Mucsi, Gergely Szatmári – invited by the Capa Center, the mentorship recipient was selected by the tutors of the One-year Programme from a shortlist finalized by the Capa Center’s nominating curators and AFM director Michael Grieve.


The Decision

For the mentorship, the members of the nominating committee agreed to nominate 5 to 5 active professional photographers with a solid knowledge of English, who are not only able and open to working in this type of international environment and with such professionals, but who could particularly benefit from this one-year-long committed creative experience in their professional development, and who may need the focused and supportive attention that accompanies the creative process throughout the mentoring program. On the basis of the portfolios and CVs submitted by the candidate photographers and a description of the project they would like to carry out over the year, including a statement of how they would benefit from the Program, a shortlist of 5 photographers was drawn up, which already reflected the selection criteria of the Program leader.

The shortlist:

• Máté Bartha
• Andrea Gáldi-Vinkó
• Adél Koleszár
• Zsófia Sivák
• Boglárka Zellei


The shortlisted applications were reviewed by the AFM Program’s tutors, and based on their joint decision, MÁTÉ BARTHA was selected to receive the Capa Center’s mentorship to participate in the AFM’s One-Year Programme of international professional tutoring. The Capa Center will conclude a mentorship contract with the recipient, in which the artist agrees to take part in the One-Year Programme, to participate in all sessions of the Program and to comply with its conditions.

The mentorship recipient undertakes to bear any costs incurred beyond the participation fee in relation to the One-Year Programme from their own resources or from other applications or grants.

In recognition of the high professional quality of the applications submitted, AFM Director and Head of the One-Year Programme Michael Grieve would like to support the participation of two additional photographers by offering them a 50% discount on the participation fee of the international tutoring program. The two photographers chosen by the Program’s tutors are ANDREA GÁLDI-VINKÓ and ADÉL KOLESZÁR.


For a detailed description of the ArtFotoMode 2022 One-year Programme of international tutoring in photography and biographies of the tutors, please visit: