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CAPAZINE – LET’S PLAY publication

The CAPAZINE – LET’S PLAY publication is available at the cash-desk of Capa Center. Price: 3000 HUF

Play. Freedom. Learning. These were the main ideas behind the CAPAZINE workshop 2018 and the publication that summarizes its products.

The framework of CAPAZINE’s activities, involving photographers and art critics, was partially provided by the format itself. (Fan)zines originally catered to a public with a shared special interest by facilitating uncensored information flow. The concept of zines has evolved into an umbrella term during the past decades that now includes a very wide range of publication types. One characteristic remained unchanged, however: zines are only bound by their own internal rules.

CAPAZINE is the zine of the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, focusing on contemporary Hungarian photography, particularly on the work of six young artists selected. Its chief rule is already displayed on the cover: LET’S PLAY! Play is not only a topic discussed by the course leaders in their lectures, in the projects of the six photographers, and in the essays of the theorists, but it also means a future opportunity presented to readers by this special form of publication.

Artists: Olga Kocsi, Dóra Lázár, Barnabás Neogrády-Kiss, Róbert Nunkovics, Dániel Szalai, Ádám Urbán
Theorists: Cserna Endre, Balázs Gáspár
Leaders of the workshop: Judit Gellér, Emese Mucsi
Guest lecturers: Judit Csatlós, Gerhes Gábor
Graphic design: Zoltán Szmolka, Vékony Dorottya

Photos: Capa Center