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Dániel Halász: Borderland – catalogue

The catalogue of the exhibition Dániel Halász: Borderland is available at the cashier of the Capa Center.

“It is a borderland between Budapest and something else. This is what Dániel Halász’s photo series entitled Borderland presents: the transition zone. And he does so in a way that the transition itself also becomes an experience. His photographs were taken in Budapest, but far from the must-see sights, the fabulous historical monuments, the troubled and wise Danube, and the swarming passers-by of the Andrássy Avenue. They were shot in largely unknown places and situations, from where it is just a leap to get to somewhere else, on foot and in thought. Dániel Halász uses two kinds of creative methods to explore the geographical and virtual peripheries of the Hungarian capital.” (Emese Mucsi, curator)

Dániel Halász: Borderland
Budapest Photography Scolarship – 2019/2020

Curator: Mucsi Emese
Text: Mucsi Emese
Translation: Bodóné Hofecker Zsuzsanna
Proofreading: Boronyák Vivien
Photos: © Halász Dániel
Graphic design: Szmolka Zoltán
Special thanks to: Ella Antonia Hassin, Láng Orsolya
Print: PAUKER Nyomdaipari Kft.
ISBN 978-615-5798-18-4
Publisher: Kőrösi Orsolya, managing director
Robert Capa Nonprofit Ltd.