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Film Club – Salvador

Movie time at the Capa Center – once or twice on Monday nights each month we discover the often controversial but definitely exciting relationship between movies and photography through a series of screenings. In April, we show two memorable films that shed light on the dilemmas of spectacular and stunning photographs playing on our senses and emotions. Screenings are in original language with Hungarian subtitles and are followed by a discussion in Hungarian with Zoltán Huber (film critic at Filmvilág).

April 7, Monday
7pm Capa FILM CLUB
(movie screening and discussion)

Salvador (123 min, 1986)
Oliver Stone’s celebrated political thriller shows the horrific details of the 1980-81 civil war in El Salvador from a photojournalist’s perspective. Mixing real events with fictional elements, the film depicts a contradictory picture of war photojournalists and the American foreign policy of the era.