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FILM CLUB – Samsara

Movie time at the Capa Center – now we discover the often controversial but definitely exciting relationship between movies and photography through a series of screenings. On April 28, we show a memorable film that shed light on the dilemmas of spectacular and stunning photographs playing on our senses and emotions. The screening is in original language with Hungarian subtitles and followed by a discussion in Hungarian with Zoltán Huber (film critic at Filmvilág).

April 28, Monday
7 pm Capa FILM CLUB
(movie screening and discussion)

Samsara (99 min, non-narrative documentary, 2013)
Instead of making a traditional documentary, cinematographer Ron Fricke looks for the universal language of images. With its overwhelmingly beautiful visuals shot at exotic locations, Samsara aims to invoke an ancient approach and sets out to explore the depths of the human soul.