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Dear Photographers, Curators, and Friends,

You are cordially invited to our first PhotoChristmas, which will take place in the Capa Center event hall, in the old Tivoli Theater, on December 19, from 7 pm until 10 pm.

Several artistic professions have their pre-Christmas parties: writers as well as theater or movie people.

Now we would like to start a tradition of gathering the members of the photographic profession for an event before the holidays, and have conversations, spend time together “without any thematic or technical limitations,” as invitations to photo contests say, in the company of the classic combination of bread and dripping (with lots of purple onion slices, of course) and red wine, on one of the last days in December before withdrawing into our family circles.

We will provide the bread and dripping together with the red wine and the mineral water, but you are welcome to bring a bottle of wine too, to make sure we don’t run out of it too soon.

The great Juhász Gábor Trió will bring us their superb guitar music.

Dress code:  black & white combinations, in any style

We are really looking forward to seeing all of you,
The Capa Center and the Mai Manó House team

Fotó: Fortepan / A.R.
Fotó: Fortepan / A.R.

date of event: 19/12/2016 7 pm
Venue: Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center