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The Public Presentation of Fellowship

The Capa Grand Prize Hungary 2016 contest has come to its final phase. The three fellowship recipients selected in May – Viola Fátyol, Zsolt Ficsór and Sára Erzsébet Timár – will give an account on their work to the jury at a public presentation event to be held on Friday, October 14 at 1:00pm at the international contemporary art fair Art Market Budapest.

Established by the Capa Center in 2014, the Robert Capa Photography Grand Prize Hungary is awarded for the second time by the independent jury of five renowned Hungarian and international professionals. In May, the jury selected three candidates, Viola Fátyol, Zsolt Ficsór, and Sára Erzsébet Timár for the Grand Prize of HUF 5 million in total. Shortlisted artists have since been working on their photography projects and are now to give an account on their work and progress in the form of a public presentation at Art Market Budapest 2016 (Millenáris Building D/Inside Art room), in order for the jury to decide who receives the second Capa Grand Prize on October 21, on the occasion of Robert Capa’s 103rd birth anniversary.

Fátyol Viola: Ha van szíved, neked is fáj, amit velem tettél.
Fátyol Viola: Ha van szíved, neked is fáj, amit velem tettél.
Ficsor Zsolt: Soroksár
Ficsor Zsolt: Soroksár
Timár Sára Erzsébet: Kultúrház
Timár Sára Erzsébet: Kultúrház

Fellows of the Capa Grand Prize:

♦ Viola Fátyol
♦ Zsolt Ficsór
♦ Sára Erzsébet Tímár

Winning works of the fellows can be found here.

Members of the jury:
♦ Attila Horányi, president of the jury, art historian, aesthete, associate professor at the Institute for Theoretical Studies, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design
♦ Krzysztof Candrowicz, director of the International Festival of Photography in Łódź and artistic director of the Triennial of Photography Hamburg
♦ Kata Oltai, art historian, curator
♦ Marina Paulenka, photographer and director of the Organ Vida — International Photography Festival
♦ Clément Saccomani, managing director of NOOR photo agency

Click here for more information about the jury members.

The presentations will be in English (simultaneous translation to Hungarian will be provided).