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The Mirror. Psychology, Analysis, and Photography

A series of online lectures related to the exhibition entitled Cure at Capa Center

In December 2019, eight artists were invited to explore and present the notion of cure through new works, mainly via the medium of photography, for the exhibition Cure (on view after the re-opening of the Capa Center).  They sought to answer questions, such as: which are the small steps that can help individuals to maintain their mental health, and what are the possible solutions for smaller or larger communities, and society as a whole to recover from the problems caused by crisis, anxiety, and burn-out?

The Mirror. Psychology, Analysis, and Photography is a series of online lectures that delve into the theoretical aspects of these issues. As part of the program series accompanying the exhibition, the invited lecturers –Péter Forgács, Anna Gács, Anikó Illés, Monika Perenyei, Judy Weiser– reflect on the psychological, self-knowledge, autobiographical or analytical aspects of photography.

Judit Gellér, curator

Every lecture is available here:

The event is part of the official program of the Budapest Photo Festival.

List of recommended literature related to the topic:

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-Weiser, Judy: Phototherapy Techniques: Exploring the Secrets of Personal Snapshots and Family Albums, Phototherapy Centre, Vancouver, Canada, 1999