11am – 7pm These are our pictures! – Amateurs and professionals exhibit their works in a DIY-fashion on panels provided by the Capa Center. Exhibitors, who were selected by a random draft, are expected to bring their ready-made prints, install the exhibition, and even present it to the public by giving an opening speech.
(Capa Center)

11am – 7pm: Costumed photo-session in Budapest-set scenes – Turn-of-the-century and entertaining costumes with the artists of La Belle Epoque.
(Capa Center, exhibition hall)

5pm From Capa about Capa – reading and performing excerpts from books on and by Capa and his contemporaries
(Capa Center, coffee-room)

6pm Photo-associations in the language of dance – featuring Ferenc Fehér. Reflecting on images and the mood from the turn-of-the century and recent years, contemporary dancers play associative games in the language of dance and movement in the exhibition halls of the Capa Center and the Mai Manó House.

7pm Kováts Kriszta Kvintett – a concert with songs about 20th-century Budapest legends, places, and people. Kriszta Kovats- vocals; Lazar – keyboards, violin; Zoltan Schneider – guitar; Tibor Csuhai Barna – bass; Guszty Perger – percussion
(Capa Center, exhibition hall)

7pm Vírus Est – A gondolat fertőz! – provocative lectures in Hungarian in connection with the Second Skin. Visual Codes of Social Constructions exhibition
(Capa Center, auditorium)

9pm ZAGAR audiovisual set feat. Urbanizer – DJ-VJ party with images of Budapest by contemporary Hungarian photographers. The photographs are from artists who had been granted the Budapest Photography Scholarship (Benkő Imre; Vancsó Zoltán; Gárdi Balázs: Dezső Tamás; Kudász Gábor Arion; Stalter György; Simon Márk; Kovalovszky Dániel; Sopronyi Gyula; Hartyányi Norbert)
(Capa Center, auditorium)

Free programs continuously during the Photo Street Festival:

11am – 11pm: Second Skin. Visual Codes of Social Constructions – exhibition curated by Kata Oltai
(Capa Center, exhibition halls)

11am – 11pm Projections of images and movies, interactive performances – be ready to get closer!
(Capa Center, auditorium, Studio)

@everydaybudapest – the “real” Budapest on mobile photos

Admission to the Capa Center and to the Mai Manó House, as well as to the programs is free!
(The only program at the Photo Street Festival with an entry ticket is the first showing of the film entitled The Salt of the Earth by Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, taking place before its first European showing.)