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Dorottya Vékony: INVAREBEST

Intimate and Variable Relationships Between Strangers

“Your mouth is a tiny cave of flesh,
your kiss is red, the deep secrets
of your body are red, they are
covered by red sparks”

Your mouth is a tiny cave of flesh (excerpt) by Lőrinc Szabó

Speaking in general terms, a kiss is an intimate relationship between two persons who are usually attracted to each other. It is a complicated relationship. A kiss is considered to be the metaphor of love, an eternal source of inspiration for the arts, but it is also significant as the research subject of various sciences.

Dorottya Vékony is looking at a peculiar aspect of this sensitive form of interconnection, that is: “… I analyse the phenomenon, how an intimate relationship can be established between two persons through a kiss, despite the fact that the subjects do not know each other. In this case, the number of meetings and possibilities is infinite, as in reality, therefore these relationships are created by myself, until they do not find their final shape and pair, because then they become real. The kiss never happens, but the implicit conduct of the models makes this illusion inevitable. The lips and the gestures are different with everybody, they will never completely fit to each other, but the construed nature of the coupled pictures is still perceptible. I would like to show more and more possibilities by juxtaposing the models, but I do not want to illustrate all the eventualities of this gesture.” So the actors are given, but it is the spectator who has to invent a narrative. Intimate and Variable Relationships Between Strangers. Who are well-matched together? And who are those, whom we could not imagine as a kissing couple with locking lips?

Dorottya Vékony’s series entitled INVAREBEST – Intimate and Variable Relationships Between Strangers has been prepared at the Photography Department of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Completed with a photobook and an interactive installation, it is shown at the Project Room of the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center.

Judit Gellér


Curator of the exhibition:
Judit Gellér

The exhibition is open to the public:
12/06/2015 – 24/08