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Imagining Vision

Next-generation Realities
A joint interactive exhibition of the Capa Center and Kitchen Budapest entitled Imagining Vision will open on 17 November at the Capa Center.

The exhibition of the Capa Center and Kitchen Budapest entitled Imagining Vision, opening on 17 November, looks at innovative technologies related to vision and observation from a unique perspective. Through devices that visitors can interact with, the exhibition showcases the available leading technologies and the technological visions of hackers and artists side by side.

The interplay between reality and virtual reality have become more intense with the appearance of today’s next-generation vision related technologies. The innovations – such as Google Glass and Oculus Rift (on interactive display at the exhibition) – are widely known with growing penetration and there are ever-changing new scenarios for using them. These devices are primarily used by advanced users, artists, and gamers. Therefore, the curators of the exhibition Imagining Vision also present gadgets and applications based on the creative approach of early adopters together with the available leading technologies.

Created in cooperation with Kitchen Budapest, Imagining Vision is the first interactive exhibition specifically displaying contemporary technologies at the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center. The exhibition – in an entertaining manner – aims to display vision related technologies that will likely to determine the next decade. It is intended to influence the creativity of the users and encourage them to try these devices.

The exhibition Imagining Vision displays installations using Google Glass, Leap Motion and other available technologies together with ideas of artists, hackers and gamers. An augmented reality mask, a Layar application, an Xbox Kinect, an Oculus Rift and 3D-printed devices of virtual vision will also be on display. Furthermore, there will be a collection of object visions from sci-fi movies, well-known viral marketing campaigns, and videos of creative hackers and gamers presented. All installations are interactive, so the visitors of Imagining Vision are users and open-minded spectators of technological innovations.

cultural mediator Attila Nemes and the assistant curators are László Kiss and Judit Boros

The exhibition is open to the public:
17/11/2014 – 01/03/2015


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