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Kiev Unrest

The neighboring capital through the eyes of Hungarian photojurnalists

It is a rare opportunity to see the photographs – originally published in various areas of the Hungarian press – brought together here at an improvised mini-exhibition, so that we can have a more complex idea about the revolutionary events taking place in the neighboring country from the first hand experience of Hungarian photographs working in the field.

László Beliczay, photographer of MTI/MTVA
István Bielik, photographer of Népszava
András Földes, photographer and journalist of Index
András D. Hajdú, photographer of Origo
Bálint Hirling, photographer of
Balázs Szabó, photographer of Heti Válasz
László Végh, photographer of Magyar Nemzet

Ukrán válság,Ukrán válság
Ukrán válság,Ukrán válság

In charge of selection:
István Virágvölgyi

The exhibition is open to the public:
21/03/2014 – 23/03/2014