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Nikon 7 Photo Contest 2015

This year, Nikon announced its photo contest, where applicants had a total of 30 days to take photos. Professional or amateur photographer applicants could select from a range of 28 different topics, out of which they had to pick at least 7, and they had to upload photos in those topics in order to be eligible to run for the Grand Prize.

In the professional category, the judges were Katalin Baricz photographer and Meritorious Artist, and Tamás Imre EFIAP photographer; the submitted works of the amateur artists were judged by Enikő Odor, winner of the Nikon 24/7 Photo Contest of 2014 in professional photographer category and Ákos Stiller, photojournalist.

At the exhibition, you can find the 7 best photos of each of the photographers receiving the first 6 places in the professional and amateur photographer categories, as well as the best photos of the 28 topics, regarding both categories.

The exhibition is open to the public:
30/11/2015 – 6/12/2015