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Projected images

Projected images on the ARTplacc – curator: Kata Oltai
ARTplacc Contemporary Art Festival 2014
Tihany, 16-20 July


21:00 – 00, every day
Open-air screenings

On the Path to Post-privacy
Barakonyi Szabolcs, Barnie, Gáldi Vinkó Andrea, Fátyol Viola, Koleszár Adél,
Móró Máté, Szombat Éva, Talabér Géza, Zana Krisztián
Curator: Oltai Kata

Photography first broke the limits of intimacy in the 19th century when it was invented: private life became unavailable, reproducible and part of the public domain and induced a process that has gradually faded the outline of the private sphere. Since the democratization of technology, the number of pictures taken – with professional cameras and mobile phones – has grown dramatically and it became an everyday routine to share intimacy on social networking websites.
Exhibitionism, compulsive communication (“I must tell a story”), voyeurism, the enjoyment of unveiling and uncovering are among the major social strategies of our time. The almost one hour long screening shows – through the attitudes of 9 young photographers – the changing border lines between the individual, the space and interpersonal relations, as well as the dialogue with a lost illusion. The moral issues of the new visuality are raised here; the changing concept of “closeness” is being commented or the responsibility of freedom is explored.


Since It Is Not Reality
András Hajdú D., Zsófia Pályi, Árpád Kurucz
Curator: Kata Oltai

Do we have to see anything in the photos or through them? This dilemma of imagery has been for several decades whether there exist photographic styles or pictural approaches that are able or most able to make the spectator believe in the content’s reality. Traditionally the photo report is the one we believe the most, we accept it as the carrier of reality and truth, and the reporters are the ones with extreme sensibility who document news and social phenomena in visual coding. Can these images, outside of the original media context receive additional meanings, do they work in the “white cube” situation too? Do the photo reporters think or see differently if they don’t make a reportage but an
autonomous work? The almost 40mins long screening encompasses the youngest Hungarian photo reporter generation, displaying in multiple series the difference among their uptakes and the individual, varied attitudes in their profession.

14:00 – 17:00, every day
activities for children
Families visiting the festival are welcome get in touch with photography in general and with the current exhibitions of the two institutions in particular. Take part in exciting activities as Robert Capa boardgames, paper games on photography, task sheets and information leaflets.