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Water Studies – A solo show of Csilla Klenyánszki

Free admission:
from June 23
Every day 14 am – 10 pm
Other location: Valyo Kikötő – Capa Kikötő (1 Hajóállomás street, 1095 Budapest)
Curator: Emese Mucsi

Vernissage: June 22, 2018, 19 pm
Opening remarks by Miklós Zsámboki curator

Csilla Klenyánszki: Bubble (2015)

Csilla Klenyánszki could not deny that she studied photography in the Netherlands since it is one of the strongest Dutch artistic practices that she continues with many of her works in the context of contemporary photography – this is the historical practice of still life dating back to the sixteenth century. The fact that the process of composition happens under studio conditions – in a micro environment that is entirely ruled and shaped by the artist – has certainly contributed to the success of the genre lasting several centuries. This situation provides the creator with much more freedom than the case of portraits, landscapes, and documentary representations. On Klenyánszki’s photos, therefore, we can see neither faces, nor figures, only familiar, simple objects along with deformed bodies and body parts treated as objects. In the series entitled Water Studies she included towers, bridges, fountains, bubbles, all made up of everyday objects belonging to her private space to enlighten their symbolic contents.

“Water also carries the subject of time and finding balance; how one can stretch, stop and shape water. […] […] I blew giant bubbles, of which I made photos and videos, built bridges, I also played with ice, I was thus interested in all the appearances of water. “

/Emese Mucsi: “locating the boundary between man and object, that’s what I’m playing, that’s what I’m questioning” – An interview with Csilla Klenyánszki, In: Artmagazin Online/