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Zsófia Pályi: Tranzit Zone

With the professional cooperation of the Capa Center Zsófia Pályi's exhibition Tranzit Zone opened on September 30 as part of FotoIstanbul Festival.

Hungary can be viewed as a tranzit zone in the last two years, located on the route of thousands of refugees coming from Africa, the Middle East and the war-torn region of Syria.

 However this country is rarely the final destination of these people, Western Europe still remains the primary yearned target. The Hungarian government ordered the mounting of a barbed wire fence along the Southern border deflecting the old track of the refugees. However, the refugee crisis has not been solved, only its focus got transposed.

 The unknown crowds have disappeared and only some belongings were left behind. T-shirts, clothes, mobile phone chargers or warming foils; the indispensable objects of a possible survival. Besides a few refugees, today only these objects serve as a memento of this 21st century exodus and those few ones who stopped their way in Hungary and after all chose this place as their secondary home.

 – Zsófia Pályi

Photo: Zsófia Pályi: Tranzit Zone


Photo: Zsófia Pályi: Tranzit Zone


Photo: Zsófia Pályi: Tranzit Zone


FotoIstanbul Festival
Deniz Müzesi Komutanlığı (Naval Museum), Istanbul, Turkey

The exhibition is open to the public free of charge:
September 30 – October 22, 2017

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