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Budapest beyond cliches

The Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center kicked off the @everydaybudapest Instagram feed as part of the worldwide network of The Everyday Projects that started out from Africa originally.

The Capa Center asked 12 hungarian photographers – Orsi Ajpek, Ákos Stiller, Sándor Csudai, Bálint Hirling, László Mudra, János Kummer, Krisztián Bódis, Zsolt Hlinka, Balázs Szabó, Péter Máté, Levente Hernádi and Máté Nándorfi– to take pictures with their mobile phones during the Photo – Street – Festival the center organized between 9 and 12 October. The photographers tried to show the Budapest that is less represented in the media and is beyond cliches.

We really hope the photographer community of Budapest will carry on the @everydaybudapest project.