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The Photojournalist Robert Capa

Permanent exhibition at the Capa Center, which is open during normal opening hours.

The unique exhibition presents about 138 photographs from the series, including many that have become iconic, and explores the major stages of the photographer’s life, arranged according to the themes defined by the oeuvre. Robert Capa’s work is important because of the profound impact his images and attitude have had on the public, forever changing the norms of photojournalism, and contributing to the understanding and remembrance of history.

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André Kertész. His Photographs Donated to Szigetbecse

from 2 April 2024

Our permanent exhibition is open again from April. André Kertész received a lot from this “precious village". And Kertész made the village precious in turn. If anyone has heard of Kertész in this country, Europe, Japan or in Patagonia, they have also heard of Szigetbecse. Few small Hungarian villages can say the same. One can bask in the glow of it, one can enjoy its benefits, but it also has imposed obligations on those who live here. The repayment process started in 1984. Now the André Kertész Memorial Museum - showcasing reprints of the photographs, which were in all aspects identical to the originals - has opened a permanent exhibition of his photographs on the first floor of the Capa Centre.

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József Hajdú – Transfer

On view until the 14th of April 2024 in the 8F Gallery of the Capa Center.

Museum collections are worlds full of secrets. We can see and get to know one of them at József Hajdú’s Transzfer (Transfer) exhibition. The material exhibited here belongs to an essential part of Hajdú’s professional activity, the chapter entitled Múzeumi történetek (Museum Stories), which is also closely related to his previous work, the series entitled Erdélyi Mór egy napja a Temesvári Postaigazgatóságon (A Day in the Life of Mór Erdélyi at the Timisoara Postal Directorate).