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Parallel Intersection Budapest

Until October 06, 2019 | Free admission

The Parallel Intersection international group exhibition held in the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center is the closing event of the second cycle of the four-year PARALLEL European Photo Based Platform project. The main profile of the platform established in the cooperation of 18 European institutions of photography is to provide opportunities for young talented artists and curators to introduce themselves on the international scene of photography. The exhibiting young contemporary artists created their works using the broadest range of the photographic toolkit and applying a diversity of techniques and new media.

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Nadja Massün: Intimate Universe

Vernissage: September 18, 2019, 6pm

Nadja Massün’s work is a good example of a sensitivity that subsumes and forgets about the technique in an intuitive search to reveal the spiritual world of human from which the experience of the beauty emerges. We see in the photos of Nadja a word in the air, a sound of laughter, a wink among friends and the sadness behind a look. The photographic moment becomes a moment of revelation.

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The Photojournalist Robert Capa

Until December 31, 2019

Robert Capa is considered the unique visual chronicler of several 20th-century wars (the Spanish Civil War, the Second Sino-Japanese War, the Second World War, the First Arab-Israeli War, and the First Indochina War) both in the world and the Hungarian history of photography. The Hungarian photographer, who covered five wars directly from the battlefield, made his mark in photography in the course of his tragically short life. His photographs taken in the frontlines and in the heartland brought about a visual world establishing a new school, and he showed the power of images constructed from a deep sense of humanism to generations to come, up till today.

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André Kertész 125

Coming Soon!

As part of the CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival, the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center celebrates the Hungarian-born photographer, André Kertész, who was born 125 years ago.