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Tamas Dezsö: Hypothesis: Everything is Leaf

Until March 12, 2023

In his latest work Tamas Dezsö investigates the personal identity of all living creatures, including humans. What is the mysterious and inexplicable link that connects personalities of all living entities throughout life? We are in constant change physically: similarly to other living beings, almost all molecules of a human body turn into new ones continuously. We are also in constant transformation intellectually: our way of thinking changes throughout our whole life. So what, then, is identity? Studying the issues of identity, Tamas Dezsö finds the metaphor of human existence in plants, which are built up from the same material and similar structures as ourselves.

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Capa Grand Prize Hungary 2022

Until February 19, 2023

The Robert Capa Photography Grand Prize Hungary was established by the Capa Center in 2014 to recognize the work of artists who have made outstanding achievements in any field of Hungarian photography. Last October, the jury of the Capa Grand Prize Hungary 2022 selected three fellows from among the entries received three of whom continued to work on their work for a year.

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Szilvia Mucsy: Best Regards

In her work evoking the world of postcards, Szilvia Mucsy presents text and image together, building on their interplay in each case: while the two could be interpreted independently, they also reciprocally interfere with one another. The moments captured in these photos belong to the silence of the world; the short, one-line texts accompanying them give direction to their interpretation. However, the texts do not limit the possibilities of interpretation, rather they mold them. It is a playful game of textual and visual narratives and their coequal status.

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André Kertész. His Photographs Donated to Szigetbecse

From July 02, 2022

André Kertész, by his own admission, acquired everything that his art, his vision, and his personality was based on and determined by, here in Szigetbecse and the surrounding landscape, inspiring artworks of nearly eight decades. Now we are showcasing seventy of the images selected by Kertész, based on an agreement with the Municipality of Szigetbecse.