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Enikő Hangay: The Ninth Drawer

March 28, 2019 – May 26, 2019

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Dániel Szalai: Novogen

From April 25, 2019
Other Location: Budapest Park

In his exhibition Novogen, Dániel Szalai focuses on a special breed of chicken developed to lay eggs that are appropriate for utilization in human and veterinary pharmaceutic production. The images track down the stages of vaccine production – the laying, the triage of the eggs, the pre-incubation, the inoculation of the viral agents, and finally, the harvesting of the amniotic fluid. Leading an investigation on industrialized farming in his project Novogen, Dániel Szalai gives voice to questions concerning man’s relation to technology and nature as well as to the concept of work.

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Máté Dobokay: Ag

Coming Soon!
Máté Dobokay’s exhibition showcases the creative process in which the author experiments both as a chemist and a philosopher with the dismantling of the photographic image into its elemental components, while looking into questions related to transfering knowledge and providing feedback. Máté Dobokay’s photographic experimentation does not result in photographic images. The artworks evoke the processes of the secret and intricate science of alchemy, looking for the philosopher's stone suitable for turning base metals into precious metals, achieving immortality, and healing physical anguish. Dobokay creates unique and unreproducible, abstract, picturesque images and objects, delineating all the different shades of the shiny grey of silver on the various media.