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For the 21st century, mental health problems have become a global issue. Which are the small steps that can help individuals to maintain their mental health, and what are the possible solutions for smaller or larger communities and society as a whole to recover from the problems caused by crisis, anxiety, and burn-out? Ultimately, the question is: how can we be well? And what role can photography play in all this?

Exhibiting Artists: Máté Bartha, Lajos Csontó, Viola Fátyol, Tibor Gyenis, Enikő Hodosy, Gergely Szatmári, Lilla Szász, Éva Szombat

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Ábel Szalontai: Starry Bay

The exhibition Starry Bay by Ábel Szalontai is a representative selection of a photo series that has evolved for decades. The photographs and short, moving images installed in light boxes depict the world of seas and ports, and the stories of those living there and passing through. Szalontai captures the fascinating and perceptible encounters of water and the coast, may they take place along the shores of photogenic Iceland, crowded Shanghai, Greece’s popular Corfu, Romania’s peaceful Sulina, or in large industrial or port cities like Gdańsk in Poland or Dublin in Ireland. Starry Bay is the collection compiled by Ábel Szalontai.

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Gyula Július: Frottages of Light

Many have observed the visible nature of light through the phenomena it creates, whether it appears as a shadow or a rainbow created by a ray of sunlight shining through a transparent surface. In Gyula Július’s experiments, light projected onto surfaces creates different degrees of abstraction: it can evoke the image of a lost object, but it can also transform the once transparent plastic containers into peculiar surfaces, giving them a new life, so that they become the source of other associations, and start working as light-frottages.

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Capa Center is open again!

We are pleased to announce that the Capa Center is open again.

Please note that our exhibitions and joint cultural events are only open to persons protected against the coronavirus and the persons under the age of eighteen under their supervision. A person protected against the coronavirus is someone who proves this protection by presenting a protection certificate. In order to prove their protection, the person concerned may be asked to present an official document proving their identity as indicated on the protection certificate. Although protected persons are exempted from wearing masks, we still recommend the use of hand sanitizer and the wearing of masks throughout the Capa Center and ask that appropriate social distance be maintained.