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Nicolás Müller: The Committed Gaze

Until September 04, 2022

This exhibition explores the landscapes of a lifelong journey and the countries where Nicolás Muller lived. It includes 126 mostly unpublished photographs from the period 1934–1967, being made specially for this occasion, upon the request of the Cervantes Institute and the Ministry of Culture of Spain.

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Márton Mónus: 90

Until August 27, 2022

Hemző Károly Award 2021 | The Oltalom Charity Association started to take advantage of sports as a character-building therapeutic activity in its social work in 2005. Since then, weekly football practice sessions, both in the capital and at countryside locations, have become one of the main focuses of their activity. The original idea actually came from their protegees: clients at the homeless shelter asked if they could play football every once in a while. So they started to play, on a hobby level, just for fun.

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André Kertész. His Photographs Donated to Szigetbecse

From July 02, 2022

André Kertész, by his own admission, acquired everything that his art, his vision, and his personality was based on and determined by, here in Szigetbecse and the surrounding landscape, inspiring artworks of nearly eight decades. Now we are showcasing seventy of the images selected by Kertész, based on an agreement with the Municipality of Szigetbecse.

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Róbert László Bácsi–Ildi Hermann: Facing – Holocaust stories from two distant cities in photos

Other Location: Holocaust Memorial Center | Until August 31, 2022

Getting into a distance of almost eight decades, the Holocaust has been increasingly relegated to the pages of history books for younger generations. This is also why it is important that the testimony of the survivors was recorded at the last moment by two Hungarian photographers: Róbert László Bácsi photographed Holocaust survivors living in Budapest, for a decade, while Ildi Hermann visited Hungarian Holocaust survivors living in New York to take their portraits and interview them.