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Photographs of hunter-writer Count Zsigmond Széchenyi

Until 30 January, 2022

Half a century after his death, Zsigmond Széchenyi still needs no introduction, generations have grown up on his novels elaborating his domestic hunting experiences and his foreign expeditions with literary care. His words full of evocative forcefulness show signs of a deep knowledge and passionate love of nature. A never-ending curiosity manifests itself in his photographs, as well, not only towards the flora and fauna, but also towards the people he met on his travels, although he felt most at home away from civilisation, sitting by a campfire. These are photographs taken by a nature-loving humanist count, a book-collector handyman of noble birth, a hunter-writer-photographer, a complex man.

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János R. Szabó: Stories along the Öreg-Túr River

January 30, 2022

Faces of the river. Faces by the river. János R. Szabó’s stories told through his photographs are written along the Öreg-Túr, a tributary of the Tisza. The series Stories Along the Öreg-Túr River is based on classic photographic genres inherited from painting, and the photo essay, consisting of portraits, landscapes and still lifes, depict the fate of the people living along the river. Life in this region is as quiet and winding as the river that enters Hungary at its north-eastern border. In the villages, everyday life situations and activities revolving around work (fishing, animal husbandry, agriculture and forestry, construction) and recreation (bathing, conversations) become special moments as they are accentuated by János R. Szabó.

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László Végh: God, Huskies, Mountains

Until January 25, 2022

Hemző Károly Award 2020 | Attila Kiss is the Catholic parish priest of Óradna, a tiny village in the foothills of the Bârgău Mountains (Hungarian: Borgói-hegység) in the Carpathian Mountains. He has been working with huskies for seventeen years, since his ordination. He started out teaching himself; now, he is a world-champion dog musher also holding a silver medal from the European championships. During one of his first dog sledding trips, as they started ascending, Attila had a spiritual experience: “At that moment I knew I would never be alone again – because I have God and these two beautiful animals by my side. Our Eternal Father had led these pious animals my way; he had allotted me a task with them.”

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André Kertész. His Photographs Donated to Szigetbecse

Until December 31, 2022

André Kertész, by his own admission, acquired everything that his art, his vision, and his personality was based on and determined by, here in Szigetbecse and the surrounding landscape, inspiring artworks of nearly eight decades. Now we are showcasing seventy of the images selected by Kertész, based on an agreement with the Municipality of Szigetbecse.

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No public transport to photography. In memoriam Mihály Gera

Vernissage: February 03, 2022, 6pm

The first part of this exhibition is made up of photographs from Mihály Gera’s bequest: pictures that once hung on the walls of his various homes and that formed part of his most intimate surroundings. The diversity of these images, the richness in artistic and thematic approaches all attest to Mihály Gera’s unflinching sense of quality and his boundless interest in almost all aspects of photography. During a survey of the bequest, comprising more than two hundred photographs, it became apparent that some of them were part of an exhibition held at the Mai Manó House in the early 2000s. The second part of our exhibition commemorates that occasion.