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Capa Grand Prize Hungary 2016

On the 102nd birth anniversary of it’s eponym, the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center announces the contest for the Robert Capa Photography Grand Prize Hungary 2016 as a recognition of the work of photographers with outstanding achievements in the field of Hungarian photography.

The Capa Grand Prize Hungary is annually awarded to an author who works in any branch of photography, has a professionally recognized background, and demonstrates a proven track record of outstanding talent. The Capa Center established the prize to emphasize its commitment to the creation of new art works that enrich our society. The fellowships and the prize aims at furthering the development of the artists and at encouraging their experimentation in the future.

The Capa Grand Prize Hungary 2016 may only be awarded to the winner of the contest, it is not based on nomination. The contest is not anonymous. The contest is open to individuals or small groups (max. 5 people). Hungarian citizens or foreign citizens living in Hungary are eligible to enter; in case of small groups, at least half or the majority of the group members have to meet this condition. One can enter the contest by submitting an unpublished work already in progress and a synopsis drafting the completion of this work (including suggestions on the final form or installation of the work). Unpublished work may entail previously shown work but is now created as a new body of work according to a concept that diverges from the original. The entries and synopses are expected to exhibit socially committed methods of artistic work. In the first stage of the contest, the jury awards fellowships to three candidates who continue working on their projects according to the submitted synopsis and eventually report to the jury. Then, the jury awards the grand prize to one of the three fellows from the shortlist in the second stage of the contest. Once the fellows are named, they cannot submit the material they applied with to the contest to any other until the grand prize winner is announced.

Each fellow receives a total of HUF 500 000 (approx. €1600 or $1800) in a lump sum. The grand prize winner receives HUF 3 500 000 (approx. €11,000 or $13,000) in addition.

The awarding of the fellowships and the prize is decided by an independent jury of five renowned Hungarian and international professionals. The work of the jury is supported by a secretary who has no right to vote. The award judging process is completed through a series of private sessions conducted in English via online or in person.

Timeline of contest process:
2016 January: announcement of the members of the jury
Tuesday, March 1, 2016: the start of uploading the entries
Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at noon: the deadline of submitting the entries
Wednesday, May 25, 2016: the announcement of the results, awarding the three fellows and naming the finalists of the last jurying session
Friday, October 21, 2016: the awarding of the grand prize

Members of the jury:
1.  Attila Horányi, president of the jury, art historian, aesthete, associate professor at the Institute for Theoretical Studies, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design
2.  Ann-Christin Bertrand, curator at C/O Berlin
3.  Krzysztof Candrowicz, director of the International Festival of Photography in Łódź and artistic director of the Triennial of Photography Hamburg
4.  Kata Oltai, art historian, curator
5.  Clément Saccomani, managing director of NOOR photo agency

•  secretary: István Virágvölgyi, deputy director for professional affairs, Capa Center

The entries must be submitted exclusively through an online system via in two languages, in Hungarian and in English.

The entries must include:
data, contact information, a photograph – proof of citizenship or residence may be requested by the organizers during the whole period of the contest

presentation of the work in progress (photographs, series of photographs, videos, series of videos, documentation, etc.)
a synopsis, a project plan: the candidate must explain how s/he intends to complete the work in progress including suggestions on the final form or installation of the work (elaboration of the content and schedule)

a detailed curriculum vitae
a portfolio: minimum one, maximum five previous works

The technical requirements of the entries will be available on the website of the grand prize.

The Capa Center will present and promote the prize-winning works. The Capa Center will not obtain the copyright of the works in progress, but it is entitled to use every prize-winning work and the related contents (photographs, videos, documentation, books, etc.) in connection with the promotion and the communication of the prize without any limitations.

Non-compliance with the rules, technical requirements and the deadlines of the contest may result in disqualification from the contest. Applicants bear full legal responsibility for their entries and for all their consequences, which may also result in the disqualification from the contest. Previous winners of the contest (fellowship or prize) are not eligible to enter another contest for two years following their award. Members of winning groups may enter as parts of other groups or with individual entries.

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