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34th Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition

In 2016, the Capa Center hosts the Hungarian Press Photo Exhibit for the third consecutive time. The most important and prestigious show of Hungarian photojournalism will be staged between March 25 and May 14.

This year marked the 34th occasion that the Photojournalists Section of the Association of Hungarian Journalists called for entries for the Hungarian Press Photo Contest. 240 photographers entered the contest successfully with 2434 images. The jury viewed a total of 7029 pictures in the course of the selection process that took place between January 22 and 24, 2016. The photos entered for the most prestigious contest of Hungarian photojournalism were evaluated by a jury of five well-known photography professionals. The president of the jury was Petr Josek, photojournalist, president of the international jury of the Czech Press Photo, and its members were Klára Szarka, curator, photo historian; Gyula Sopronyi, photojournalist; Jocelyn Bain Hogg, photojournalist; and Sergey Maximishin, photojournalist. This year the contest included a new category, Migrant Crisis, for which entries in both the singles and the series subcategories  could be submitted.

The exhibition of the over 300 images selected from the submitted photographs is arranged by Tamás Szigeti, photographer. The showcase is open for the public in the Capa Center between March 25 and May 14, 2016. Through the exhibition, visitors get a glimpse of the astonishing and exciting world of Hungarian photojournalists and can recall the most memorable moments of 2015.

Awardees of the 34th Hungarian Press Photo Competition


● MÚOSZ (Association of Hungarian Journalists) Grand Prize

István Fazekas (HVG): Transit Country

● André Kertész Grand Prize

Miklós Déri (Déri és Társa Bt.): The Politics of the Roma Body – There is No Such Things as an Innocent Picture



● Károly Escher Prize for the Best News Picture

Tibor Illyés (MTI/MTVA): Paying Honour

● Márton Munkácsy Prize for Best Compilation

Simon Móricz-Sabján (Népszabadság)

● Best Achievement by a Photojournalist Working in the Regions

Péter Komka (MTI/MTVA)


Best Achievement by a Photojournalist Under 30

Antal Bánhegyesy (freelance)



01. News Event Photo (single)

1st prize: Tibor Illyés (MTI/MTVA): Paying Honour

2nd prize: Zoltán Knap (BORS): Putler

3rd prize: János Bődey ( Criminal Trial of the Wife-Beating Blind Dog


02. Photo Report (series)

1st prize: János Bődey ( Paris Shocked by the Night of Terror

2nd prize: Noémi Bruzák (Magyar Távirati Iroda / MTVA): Flood

3rd prize: Szilárd Koszticsák (MTI/MTVA): Boxed in


03. Portrait (single)

1st prize: Bálint Hirling ( Dead-End Village

2nd prize: István Kerekes (freelance): Life in the Mud

3rd prize: Ádám Urbán (freelance): Circus Stars


04. Portrait (series)

1st prize: Tamás Schild (liberal professional): Just Ordinary Lives

2nd prize: Zoltán Madácsi: 70 Years Later – Gaudiopolis Kids

3rd prize: Norbert Juhász: A Shepherd’s life in Austria


05. Art (single)

1st prize: Péter Kálló (Földgömb Magazin, Metropol): Color Party

2nd prize: Tamás Páczai (Képmás magazin): Brainstorming

3rd prize: Sándor Márton Nagy (freelance): Observers


06. Art (series)

1st prize: Péter Kálló (Földgömb Magazin, Metropol): Balance

2nd prize: Ákos Stiller (hvg): Applause in Europe: The Budapest Festival Orchestra

3rd prize: Ádám Urbán (freelance): Behind the Curtain


07. Sport (single)

1st prize: Tamás Korponai (Népszabdság): Under the Spell of the Ball

2nd prize: Simon Móricz-Sabján (Népszabadság): County Football

3rd prize: Simon Móricz-Sabján (Népszabadság): Ákos Szarka, Street workout


08. Sport (series)

1st prize: Viktor Veres (Mediaworks kiadó): The El Classico of Börzsöny

2nd prize: Bianka Rostás (, It’s A Privilege

3rd prize: Boglárka Bodnár (MTI/MTVA by contract): Greyhound Racing


09. Nature and Science (single)

1st prize: Bence Máté (Bence Máté Photography; Hide Photography): Telltale Smells

2nd prize: Péter Komka (MTI/MTVA): ISS

3rd prize: Bálint Vincze (MVM Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt.): Extension


10. Nature and Science (series)

1st prize: András D. Hajdú (freelance): Cataract

2nd prize: Milán Radisics (freelance): Beewolf – Portrait of the Peaceful Miner and the Ruthless Bee-Killer Wasp

3rd prize: Márton Kállai (Geomédia/Szabad Föld): Bath World on the Ruins of Salt


11. Social Documentary Photography (single)

1st prize: Zsófia Pályi (freelance): Old Guszti

2nd prize: Miklós Teknős (Népszabadság): Second-Hand Spa

3rd prize: Balázs Mohai (MTI/MTVA / freelance): Line up


12. Social Documentary Photography (series)

1st prize: Róbert László Bácsi (freelance): Nagorno-Karabakh

2nd prize: Orsolya Ajpek ( I Just Keep Dressing Her

3rd prize: Ákos Stiller (hvg): The Farmlands


13. Migration Crisis (single)

1st prize: Árpád Kurucz (Magyar Idők): Prayer

2nd prize: István Fazekas (HVG): Eight Minutes

3rd prize: Zsolt Reviczky (Népszabadság): Narrow Escape


14. Migration Crisis (series)

1st prize: Zoltán Balogh (MTI/MTVA): Crisis at the Keleti Station

2nd prize: Árpád Kurucz (Magyar Idők): The Clash at Röszke

3rd prize: Antal Bánhegyesy (freelance): I was a Stranger


The exhibition was arranged by:
Tamás Szigeti

Opening hours:
March 24 – May 14, 2016


Orsolya Ajpek, Zoltán Balogh, Róbert László Bácsi, Antal Bánhegyesy, Boglárka Bodnár, János Bődey, Noémi Bruzák, Miklós Déri, István Fazekas, András D. Hajdú, Bálint Hirling, Tibor Illyés, Norbert Juhász, Márton Kállai, Péter Kálló, István M. Kerekes, Zoltán Knap, Péter Komka, Tamás Korponai, Szilárd Koszticsák, Árpád Kurucz, Zoltán Madácsi, Bence Máté, Balázs Mohai, Simon Móricz-Sabján, Sándor Márton Nagy, Tamás Páczai, Zsófia Pályi, Milán Radisics, Zsolt Reviczky, Bianka Rostás, Tamás Schild, Ákos Stiller, Miklós Teknős, Ádám Urbán, Viktor Veres, Bálint Vincze


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