Eight female photographers – Ami Vitale, Claire Martin, Claudia Guadarrama, Emily Schiffer, Jessica Dimmock, Kathryn Cook, Lurdes R. Basolí, Olivia Arthur – embark on an epic photographic road trip along the length of the Danube river in a truck, converted into a mobile gallery.

Danube Revisited – The Inge Morath Truck Project
Danube Revisited is a photographic road trip accompanied by a traveling exhibition in which eight female photographers will convert a 7.5T truck into a mobile gallery and drive it through ten countries along the Danube River from the Black Forest to the Black Sea. The exhibition will feature the work of renowned Magnum photographer Inge Morath, who photographed life along the Danube before and after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

The eight of them are recipients of the Inge Morath Award, a grant given annually by the members of Magnum Photos to a female photographer under 30 years of age. They will retrace Morath’s journey along the Danube, producing new work, and promoting dialogue about documentary photography through night projections, artist talks, photography forums, and cultural exchange with institutions. With the river as a collective subject, they hope to connect with the region that meant so much to Inge Morath.

Their core motivation is to honour Inge Morath’s legacy by supporting the under-represented female voice in documentary photography. They have created a project that is for women, by women, and in the legacy of a pioneering woman. In line with this vision, Danube Revisited is offering select female photographers in the Danube region exhibition and publishing opportunities as a part of the project.

Danube Revisited – The Inge Morath Truck Project, provides a unique opportunity to amass a new collection of visual stories that examine contemporary culture along the river. Approaching their shared subject as a collective, they hope to discover the region that meant so much to Inge Morath throughout her life, the River itself becoming a metaphor for the kind of long-term, sustained international projects to which they have devoted our careers. They will each have a subjective approach with their photography, and together with their selection of local women’s photography this will offer a unique and very rich representation of Europe’s most mythical river.

The Outcome:
The project will culminate with a large-scale exhibition, which pairs Morath’s Danube work with new images created by the award winners and local women, a feature documentary film about the tour, and a book. The exhibition and documentary is sponsored by Fundación Telefónica, Spain. The book will be produced and published by Fotohof, Austria, who coordinated Inge’s tour of the Danube in the 1990’s, and published her monograph “Donau”.

The Journey:
The Inge Morath Truck Project is scheduled to tour for 5 weeks, from the 5th July to the 11th August 2014. Starting at Donaueschingen, the source of the river in Germany, the truck will work its way along the river to the final destination, the Black Sea. Every other day the truck will stop at a new destination along the river, where a partner institution or organization will host the project, opening the truck gallery to the general public, exhibiting open-air night projections as well as engaging the public in a variety of photo forums. The participating photographers will photograph their own personal projects relating to the river and the region around these scheduled events.

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On 22 July the truck exhibition will be opened from 5 pm till 10 pm. On 23 July the exhibition could be visited from 5 pm to 10 pm. Admission is free for the exhibition and for the night screenings.

On 23 July the artist talk with Claire Martin and Olivia Arthur will start at 7pm at the Capa Center’s Studio. Admission is free for the program.