Did they fail? Was it just a coincidence that some of them went wrong? How many people would have died because of those bombs which were fired but never exploded? Does art have any means to solve the conflicts which the present political and social system cannot solve? These and similar questions are raised by Asztalos Zsolt's exhibition entitled Fired but Unexploded between 22 February and 14 March in the Capa Center.

Asztalos Zsolt’s exhibition entitled Fired but Unexploded is officially opened at 7.30 p.m. on 26 February – but it is actually open to the public from 22 February – in the Capa Center. As it is well-known, Hungary was represented by the artist’s project at the 55h Venice Art Biennale. After the Hungarian pavilion in Venice, the visitors can also feel the atmosphere of war, terror and anxiety at the the visual institute in Nagymező Street.

Asztalos Zsolt’s “lost objects” are multiple images of conflict situtations which can be interpreted personally, locally, regionally and globally at the same time. The unexploded bombs are manifestations of an act of grace. Their dysfunction, “unnatural” behaviour tells us about the time extension and even the timelessness of conflicts. The machine, created for killing people has left the range of its function and continued (can continue) to write the history of mankind on its own, creating personal mythologies and narratives which make the unexplainable or the irrational at least expressable, if not interpretable. A technological society with its dysfunctions creates a possibility for mysticism to work by denying its existence.

Fired but Unexploded. What could have happened to them? How did they determine the future, our future? This is what Asztalos’ installation makes us to consider in a severe and diverse manner. The curator of the exhibition is art historian Uhl Gabriella.

Fired but Unexploded by Asztalos Zsolt
Vernissage: 26 February 2014, 7.30 p.m.
The exhibition is opened by poet and Benedictine monk Varga Mátyás.
Opening hours: 22 February to 14 March, every day 11 a. am to 7 p.m.
The public can visit the exhibitions of five contemporary artists – Asztalos Zsolt, Molnár Ágnes Éva, Robitz Anikó, Minyó Szert Károly and Szombathy Bálint in the Capa Center with a single ticket (HUF 1500).

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