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Liberty, Equality, Sorority, Sensuality – Perspectives on the Female Experience

Until March 26, 2023

Do we women resemble each other like sisters? Although one should go to great lengths to provide an exhaustive description of the sorority, or sisterhood, which is between women, it may be recapped as an alliance based upon physiological and ideological community. On the one hand, sisterhood means kinship, and it represents the general biological connection due to which we women share a wide range of common experiences and which determines the majority of our common causes. But the initial question could not be answered in the affirmative only on this basis. On the other hand, though, a good sibling-sibling relationship is more than a strong biological link between two people – mutual learning and helping, standing up for each other, and sympathy are also fundamental parts. If this respect is also considered, sisterhood is suddenly understood as it has been by those who have been actively fighting for the rights and visibility of women since the end of the 18th century – and hence the question turns into an assertion.

The exhibition Liberty, Equality, Sorority, Sensuality features images and photo series that have photography seen as a tool and opportunity for women’s emancipation, artistic self-fulfillment, and exercise of solidarity towards each other. In cooperation with Hungarian galleries regularly attending major international photography fairs, we selected works with the purpose of providing an insight into the oeuvre of artists who deliberately take an active role in opening up new perspectives on women’s personal experiences. The show highlights the individualistic yet empathetic female gaze as a cross-generational phenomenon. The exhibited works, projects, and sets are accompanied with personal commentaries in which the artists reflect upon their photographs, photo-based works, and photographic practices, dealing with issues of their identity in general, and as an artist and thinker, their public roles, and their transformations. The exhibit is thus like an anthology consisting of images and their associated comments, offering a parallel read across works on the female experience and their subjective interpretations, permeated by a personal tone awakening our feeling of community.

Emese Mucsi

Exhibiting artists and delegating galleries

ACZÉL Márta   Vintage Galéria

CSÁKY Marianne INDA Galéria

DROZDIK Orshi Einspach Fine Art & Photography

GÁLDI VINKÓ Andi Deák Erika Galéria

LADIK Katalin acb Galéria


The press photos of the exhibition are available on this link.

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Liberty, Equality, Sorority, Sensuality