More than twenty thousand people have seen the Magnum Photos agency's world-class exhibitions in Nagymező Street so far. Due to the high interest, the Contact Sheets exhibition can be seen at the Capa Center almost one month longer until 21 September 2014 and the visitors can see the exhibition entitled Magnum's First at the Mai Manó House until 5 October.

The sensational exhibitions of the world’s most famous photo agency can be seen for a few weeks more, presented together for the first time in the world in Budapest’s street of photography. More than twenty thousand people have visited Nagymező Street to see the legendary and iconic pictures of the history of photography. You can see the iconic pictures taken by Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Bruno Barbey, Paul Fusco, Philip Jones Griffiths and Thomas Hoepker – among others – at the Capa Center and the legendary works of Werner Bischof, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, Ernst Haas, Erich Lessing, Jean Marquis, Inge Morath and Marc Riboud at the Mai Manó House.

The exhibitions have been extended for several weeks due to the extraordinary interest. Magnum Photos’ latest touring exhibition entitled Contact Sheets can be visited until 21 September at the Capa Center, while the photo agency’s first exhibition entitled Magnum’s First is open until 5 October at the Mai Manó House. Both institute offers a considerable ticket price reduction for visiting both exhibitions.
After Budapest, the exhibition entitled Contact Sheets will be displayed in Berlin and Magnum’s First exhibition will be shown in Paris.