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Tamás Urbán: Unwanted Butterfly – Catalogue

Unwanted Butterfly spent half of his 40 years behind bars, so he had plenty of time to have his whole body tattooed. He was an unusual sight in Socialist Hungary, comfortable both in the prison and in the Budapest underground scene, doing gigs with the famous band Sziámi in the Black Hole alternative club, drawing, painting, creating puzzles, and writing a journal. Photojournalist Tamás Urbán met him in 1988 for the first time, in the Csillag Prison of Szeged, Hungary. The book presents a selection of the photographs taken in the following six years – until Butterfly’s death in 1994 – as well as of the objects and documents collected by Tamás, and of Butterfly’s journal.

Please note that the book includes disturbing graphic content. Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by adult supervision.

Tamás Urbán: Unwanted Butterfly
192 pages
188 x 248 mm
publisher: Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center and Archive of Modern Conflict – Bone Idle Books
year of publication: 2020
ISBN 978-615-5798-16-0

© Capa Center

István Virágvölgyi

Tamás Urbán
Ferenc Deák
Titanilla Fiáth

picture editor
Tamás Szlukovényi

text editor
Zsuzsanna Balázs

Zsuzsanna Balázs
Vera Bakonyi -Tánczos
Márk Baczoni

proof reading
Balázs Gáspár
Péter Aradi
Vivien Boronyák

catalogue design, DTP
Nóra Szücs

object photography
Ádám Urbán

The poster from Tamás Szőnyei’s collection on page 150 was digitized by Artpool.

The catalogue is published by the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center in collaboration with the Archive of Modern Conflict – Idle Books.

Orsolya Kőrösi
managing director

printed by
EPC Printing House

Source Sans Pro (Paul D. Hunt), Kulturista (Tomaš Brousil) and Code (Neville Brody) typefaces were used in the book.

The album was printed in 400 copies on IQ offset paper.

© 2020 Tamás Urbán
© 2020 the authors and editor of the catalogue
© 2020 Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center