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Visitor’s book

„One of the most beautiful collections of photography I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.”

„Amazing collection of photographs! A priviledge to be able to see (on the contact sheets) what happened before and after these iconic images too. I feel I have just learned a huge amount about photography. Thank you!”

„A truly exceptional exhibition so many major historical events and intimate human moments captured forever.”

„I loved this! The descriptions were so interesting and added so much to the photo. Great exhibition.”

„Beautiful, touching and different exhibition, which included the viewer in a very interesting way. I really enjoyed it! Great selection of photos and photographers. I will recommend it.”


„Great selection, great exposition. We all must be grateful to Bob, Chim and the others to have created Magnum.”

„Stunning photos. Especially appreciated the idea of showing the whole contact sheet so one can see how the photographers go about closing the final frame. Fantastic. Thanks!”

„Extremely impressive and hard-hitting collection.”

„We are very amazed about the beautiful exhibition.”